- Chemistery Biochemistery study -

- 1980 - Jeune peinture jeune expression Paris –

- Atelier 74 rue de la verrerie Paris - Esplanade Beaubourg - Atelier video Jacqueline Dunand - Ecole du Louvre Paris - Isao Matsushita assistant, video, camera and production - Art cloche video performance - Galerie du Chardon rue Mouffetard Paris - Cultural Center Saint Etienne - videoart Adriano Maraldi « objets libres » -

- Atelier @ Rue des Thermopyles Paris - Cultural center Censier photographie exhibition, Paris -

JfRReveillard director of the First videoart clip about painting.

- 1989 - Creation of Progress image SA with Mady Schleiss, agency for new media, contemporary art, and multimedia production, first conference about cross media art concept -

- 1997 - founder of the first webtv in Europe - Production and creation of Musique TV , cinema TV, Medecine TV - New york video taxi videoart - Creation of virtual process mixing live, music, video for web - Direction and conception of Disney Studio grand opening ceremony in France, wordlwide webcast - Atelier @ Saint Maurice France painting and writing -

- 2002 - Creation of DBC gmbh in Switzerland with Mady Schleiss - Virtual world creation of interactiv process for EU consortium in Elearning and cross media art - Production company for cross media - Live webcast production for ZHD-K pop and jazz high school in Zurich - Jazzbaragge live webcast in Mehrspur Musik klub in Zurich -

- 2008 - Tal museum Engelberg exhibition of painting and drawing, natural line abstract - Rural wings satellite webbroadcast communication for EU, concept and following devellopment for eLearning, design for art and learning, sharing knowledge process by using web and satellite spreading art and education in isolate place  -  Consultant for EU -

- 2009 - Presentation, conferences, @ "festival de Cannes" ( guest ) , about virtual world as new tool for art and movies. - Show off - virtual world platform specially create for Cannes festival, with live cross reality broadcast and djiing from Zurich - Directing, producing, of several musical videos - Youtube channel -

JfR Cannes festival

- 2012 - Zurich . Exhibition Art bag 3.0 @ Artecorum - Art to Go @ Interio Dübendorf - 2013 - Exhibiton @ Artecorum Artspace Galery- Zurich 8001 - Vernissage with Suguru Ito & Sandro Foschi musical tango history concert -

- 2013 - Diagnoses exhibition @ Montreux Neurological congress - Exhibition Papergirl Hambourg street art - Instagram show @ Los Angeles - Arte TV creative - Curated in *top 40* best Swiss artist in Saatchi online gallery -

- Selection by "Sedition" platform for digital art -

- 2014 - vernissage cross art performance @ Spielmann Piano Zürich , 4 portraits 100x50 * Human character memories *  with Suguru Ito piano recital - 

-  Zürich Contemporary Art Fair " human and nature " installation with painting drawing and videoart -

- 2015 drawing from series *flowers and nature* selected for "Aktiv mit MS" 2015 calendar -

My actual artwork is mainly inspired by Dasein concept, nature and quantum mechanics. I like to define myself as a Cross Media picture maker,  i use some Japanese technique of calligraphy for my painting and drawing, i use also digital media, video art, 3D printing, and virtual world.

* l'atelier * Engelberg mai 2015JfR Atelier Mai 2015 Engelberg . Working on ADN sculpture for * Cabinet de curiosité * series. Sound ambiance. 3D printing.

- 2015 - June Rhy art fair - ( guest ) - Video installation during Art Week in Basel.- 17-21-

fafou galleryHuman and nature installation Fafou gallery opening

2016 Article about my 3Dprint artwork on

BASEL ART WEEK 2016 - RHY - ( guest )

" The installation debuted at Rhy Art Fair, which took place from June 16-19 in Basel, Switzerland. The abstract, dreamlike exhibit featured several of Réveillard’s 3D printed “particle” sculptures, which range from simple, straightforward depictions of gold particles, for example, to more metaphorical structures like “Particles of Hope.” Juxtaposed against the 3D printed sculptures was a video stream of surreal images that depict the merging of humanity and the natural world, as well as the fluid, ephemeral nature of time itself. Digital particles pulsate and dance, then fade in and out of view alongside nebulous human figures, while sunlight streams through clouds and waves crash on a beach." 

Clare Scott | Jul 3, 2016 | 3D Design, 3D printed art, 3D Printing | for

" time and particules " cross media installation during Art Basel week 2016Time and particles videoart , 3dprint installation by JfR

The particles, constituents of all matter, are precious stones, jewels, vibratory pigments closely related to time and universe (1). Highlighted in the LHC ( Large Hadron Collider), these discoveries turn upside down our vision of the world and our origin, especially the space/time in which we live.

These gems of the universe are represented in cabinet of curiosity style, by sculptures realized in a dreamlike poetic manner with three dimensional printings, enhancing their non-persistence and accentuating their mysteries.

The current great discoveries in the world of matter carry with them big questions like information disappearing forever into black holes, as Hawking suggests (2), or more simply about the time consistency itself, which is our own, the one of our life.

Nature (3) is the expression of the most visible and observable time, one of the main valuable assets, the one that puts us in the persistence of our lives lost in technological narcosis. We must continually protect this nature, an integral part of our being, the natural time belongs to us, existing in each tiny part of the universe with us, or without us.

This timeline is represented through observation and digital scenes sets in videos, some filmed live within nature, where introspection helps to visualize, immersing in a universal breathing stream, blocking and stopping the artificial time of technology.

To search the right balance of these constituents: time, nature, and bring the technology to become tool of expression: this is what I invite you to discover in * Time and Particles *

Sources - References:

1. A point without thickness surrounded by a cloud of virtual particles that flow continuously forming a halo which is spread in space (shape of the electron)

" Being and time determine each other reciprocally, but in such a manner that neither can the former
- Being - be addressed as something temporal nor can the latter - time - be addressed as a being." (Martin Heidegger)

" A human being is part of a whole that we call" the Universe " ; it remains limited in space and time.
He experiences his being, his thoughts and feelings as separate from the rest - a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness. This illusion is for us a prison, restricting us to our personal desires and affection, reserved for our loved ones. Our task is to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion till embracing it all living beings and the whole of nature in its splendor ... "
(Albert Einstein)

“Contemporary art has to use all mirrors, techniques, and spread cultural ideas through the big network around the earth.There is no inferior or depreciated way to perform art, web, TV, digital facility, social network or simple paper, all are pencils and medium of the century " JfR