Particles time civilisation and human by JfR @ Zurich contemporary art fair 2016

From the album Installation


« Civilization » is an ongoing serie, inspired at the beginning by the theory of the society of control, elaborated by Gilles Deleuze and Antonio Negri based on the thoughts of Michel Foucault, theorist of disciplinary institutions in « Discipline and punish» (1975). Around this theme and during the preliminary research, the main historical event like attacks in Paris, Brussels and many other towns in the world impacted these approaches and point out the themes of resistance, hope and persistence of civilization in front of destructive situations. The civilization is impacted and undergoes upheaval in its evolution attempts related to the events, caused by constituent humans and the nature. These moments are sometimes extremely short during which all can turn to either an acceleration of the evolutionary process, or block it durably.
« La violence est ce qui ne parle pas » Gilles Deleuze
« Le langage est la maison de l'être » Martin Heidegger
« Moi, je veux continuer à vivre, même après ma mort » Anne Frank
« La principale caractéristique de l’homme de masse n’est pas la brutalité ou le retard mental, mais l’isolement et le manque de rapports sociaux normaux » Hannah Arendt
« Essayez de donner un sens à ce que vous voyez, et demandez-vous ce qui fait que l’univers existe. Soyez curieux » Stephen Hawking


A point without thickness surrounded by a cloud of virtual particles that flow continuously, forming a halo which is spread in space (shape of the electron)
The particles, constituents of all matter, are precious stones, jewels, vibratory pigments closely related to time and universe. Highlighted in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), these discoveries turn upside down our vision of the world and our origin, especially the space/time in which we live. The current great discoveries in the world of matter carry with them big questions like information disappearing forever into black holes, as Hawking suggests, or more simply about the time consistency itself, which is our own, the one of our life.
« À la fin, la nature nous dira la vérité » Yonit Hochberg.
« Dieu ne joue pas aux dés » Albert Einstein
« Regardez vers les étoiles et pas vers vos pieds. Essayez de donner un sens à ce que vous voyez, et demandez-vous ce qui fait que l'univers existe. Soyez curieux. » Stephen Hawking

I use 3D printing for creating sculpture and /or integrate it in cross media artwork.
I work virtual material on computer, or on forms that I create and digitally scan. For me the 3D printing is like stone or ceramic sculpting. With the 3D printing, a concept, a shape, created virtually becomes so a tangible reality. In my videos and all traditional media I use in my daily work, also some digital creations are integrated, crossing ancestral techniques like Japanese calligraphy with oil pastel as well.

Jean-François Réveillard