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Buy for 200 $ free delivery @ place. The Artwork is delivered with a certificate, signed. The cat can be show in two different attitude; playing and watching ( see picture ) There is blue, bkack, yellow and Red cat , click on picture of your choice,

Cat serie: 141.4 x 112.8 x 122.1 mm - 5.57 x 4.44 x 4.81 inch Delivery @ your home inside a gift box.

For buying with credit card click on icone in right up corner of picture. 3 weeks delay for delivery is needed, due to fab process and handmade finishing.

For paying with other system ( iban, post... ) send your information with contact form. When we receive all information i send you back confirmation and IBAN. As soon as we receive the payment we launch delivery process.

Models made out of Ceramics constructed from alumina silica ceramic powder and sealed with porcelain and silica. The glaze is a lead free, non-toxic gloss. The material is heat resistant (up to 600°C), recyclable, and food safe.


  Buy your Blue CAT by clicking on icone up right on picture.