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Small special edition for all collectors. 3D print assembly on cotton art paper, 17X12 cm all ORIGINAL, signed by artist , different colors. Art need to be affordable.

2018 Silex is a series using a very special shape.This shape is printed from a 3d scan of a Silex from the human stone age era.The master piece (40X40) of this series statement is a travel inside history of art beginning in grotto to the actual technology era by using 3D printing technics and computer throught scan and 3D sotware. Art is a story following the technics use and dicovered by human during all time and historical events, the time travel throught this different technics help to feel the huge never ending progress of technologie.

For buying Big Master piece you can go to: www.saatchiart.com/jfr

Silex for collectors

Silex for collectors

Silex for collectors B

Silex for collectors

Silex for collectors Pink